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BoA - Touched


Lyrics: Bloodshy & Avant, Magnus Wallbert, Toby Gad, Arama Brown
Music: Bloodshy & Avant
From the album "BoA DELUXE" (SMUSA02)
Typed: EvilSin




Saw you standing in the dark and I like your energy
I'm feeling you right from afar, boy, you're distracting me
My heart is racing, body's aching, and I'm shaking all because of you (It's something about you)

*Now I'm thinking 'bout who you with
'Cause you got me curious
If you don't come closer I'mma have a fit
Tell me, boy, what you thinking too
Gotta know if you feel the same way I do
Talk to me*

**I can be your lady
You can be my baby
So don't keep me waiting
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched [x2]
'Cause I got this problem
Only you can solve it
But you gotta come to me
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched [x2]**

I wanna be touched, wanna be touched, touched [x2]

You gotta get to know me first and we can take it further
And I can't help but flirt, cause I'd be crazy
If I let you leave without your number, boy, don't make me wait too long for you
(I just wanna get to know you)


I never believed in love at first sight
But you made me wanna give it a try
You won't regret it, boy, if you let me in, ah