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BoA - Dress Off


Lyrics: Adrian Newman
Music: Adrian Newman
From the album "BoA DELUXE" (SMUSA02)
Typed: EvilSin




Boy, just looking at you
Boy, I know what you want to do
Boy, but you can't until the night is through

*Why don't you whisper it to me, me, me, me?
How you wanna get freaky-ky-ky-ky?
And we can get down, down, down, but first you gotta wait*

**So all you wanna do is take my dress off (dress off)
And like a candy store I know you want it all (it all)
Oh, I can read you, baby, and I know that you want me
With my dress off, my dress off (d-d-d-d-dress)
With my dress off, off, off, off~ off, off, off~ [x2]**


Boy, I don't care about your fast car
Boy, don't matter how blinged out you are
Boy, so if you want me, that won't get you far
'Cause I know what you want


There is always something more, you'll find out what's in store
But you have to completely give yourself to me, me, me, me
Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me


Take it off

Dress off
Want it all
Dress off
Want it all