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BoA - Did Ya


Lyrics: Bloodshy & Avant, Henrik Jonback, Negin Djafari
Music: Bloodshy & Avant
From the album "BoA DELUXE" (SMUSA02)
Typed: EvilSin




Guess you lose and it's too late to try to come back
What part of no don't you understand? Too bad
There you go down with yesterday's news in the trash can
I got no time to be looking back, I'm past that
And now you wanna change, it's too little too late

*You shoulda loved me right when you had me
Shoulda, shoulda, but you didn't, did ya?
You shoulda known I'm not gonna sit around
And wait for you
To get your act together, shoulda known better
Don't say you wanna
Don't say you were gonna
You shoulda loved me right, but you didn't, did ya?*

Gotta a new place, a hot ride, this Gucci handbag
To match my kicks and my brand new plan, hey now
Why the look of confusion, oh sorry, my bad
Forgot to mention my brand new man, take that
Say you wanna change, it's too little too late


Take a good look, 'cause it's the last you'll see of me
Take a good look, take a good look, baby
Memorize this, all you have are memories
Memorize this, 'cause it's all you get to keep
No words, no rings, not a damn thing
Is gonna bring me back to you
I'm so over you