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BoA - Crazy About


Lyrics: Sean Garrett
Music: Sean Garrett, Davenport & Spencer
From the album "BoA DELUXE" (SMUSA02)
Typed: EvilSin




It is smash (on the radio) [x4]
Oh, oh, oh, oh...

*Tell me what you know that make you Mr.Right
I can't let you know, but you're to me, it's alright
Something about the way you talk, it feels alright
I might have to go, 'cause you making me see the light*

**Don't you know I'm crazy too?
I'm so crazy about you
Don't you know I'm crazy too?
I'm so crazy about
I'm so crazy about you**

Crazy, crazy, crazy about [x4]

I'm careful 'cause if I put my hands on you
Ain't no telling what your girl is gon' do
I'm so eager just to get to know you
I got moves, said 'BoA wants to show you'

Yeah, ah, yeah, ah... [x2]
You (crazy)
You're (crazy)
You (crazy)
You're (crazy)


Crazy, crazy, crazy about [x8]


Crazy, crazy, crazy about [x4]

Ba bababa bab...
Crazy, crazy...
About you