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Asahina Madoka (朝日奈丸佳)


 ONGEKI Vocal Collection 02

  Release date: December 19, 2018





01 Honnou teki Survivor by ⊿TRiEDGE
02 Here We Go by Kubo Yurika
03 P!P!P!P! Gao~!!
04 Tatemae to honshin no dairantou by Hashimoto Chinami
05 Honnou teki Survivor (Game Size) by ⊿TRiEDGE
06 Here We Go (Game Size) by Kubo Yurika
07 P!P!P!P! Gao~!! (Game Size)
08 Tatemae to honshin no dairantou (Game Size) by Hashimoto Chinami
09 Honnou teki Survivor -Kubo Yurika solo ver.-
10 Honnou teki Survivor -Asahina Madoka solo ver.-
11 Honnou teki Survivor -Hashimoto Chinami solo ver.
12 Honnou teki Survivor (instrumental)
13 Here We Go (instrumental)
14 P!P!P!P! Gao~!! (instrumental)
15 Tatemae to honshin no dairantou (instrumental)


 NEW GAME!! Character Song CD Series


  Release date: September 27, 2017



01 CLEAR! by Toda Megumi
02 BUG! BUG! SURVIVAL! with Morinaga Chitose
03 CLEAR! (instrumental)
04 BUG! BUG! SURVIVAL! (instrumental)



 Hazime Shinoda × Nene Sakura

  Release date: December 21, 2016



01 Miracle☆Magical☆Moon Ranger with Toda Megumi
02 Miracle☆Magical☆Moon Ranger (instrumental)


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