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Arai Akino (新居昭乃)


 Yumemiru ame

  Release date: February 22, 2017




01 Yumemiru ame
02 Sanctuary Alice
03 Yumemiru ame (without Akino)


 Unknown Vision

  Release date: January 30, 2013




01 Unknown Vision

02 Issai he

03 Magic Garden

04 Unknown Vision (without Akino)


 Mitsu no yoake

  Release date: August 05, 2009




01 Mitsu no yoake

02 Ekleipsis

03 Monday, Tuesday (from Sora no Sphere)

04 Mitsu no yoake (without Akino)


 Kin no nami sen no nami

  Release date: January 23, 2008




01 Kin no nami sen no nami

02 Torikago no yume

03 Kin no nami sen no nami (without Akino)

04 Torikago no yume (without Akino)


 Kimi he mukau hikari

  Release date: May 24, 2006




01 Kimi he mukau hikari

02 Aquarium on the Moon

03 Kimi he mukau hikari (without Akino)

04 Aquarium on the Moon (without Akino)


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