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Aimi (愛美)


 BanG Dream! Character Song "Doki doki

 SING OUT!" / Kasumi Toyama

  Release date: April 05, 2017 



01 Doki doki SING OUT!
02 Teardrops ~Acoustic Ver.~
03 Doki doki SING OUT! (instrumental)
04 Teardrops ~Acoustic Ver.~ (instrumental)
05 [Dorama part] Kasumi no naisho banashi


 Unmei no kagami

  Release date: April 17, 2013




01 Unmei no kagami

02 Te wo furu kimi to maichiru sakura
03 Unmei no kagami (instrumental)
04 Te wo furu kimi to maichiru sakura (instrumental)


 We're the stars

  Release date: February 27, 2013




01 We're the stars

02 We can do it
03 We're the stars (instrumental)
04 We can do it (instrumental)


 LIVE FOR LIFE ~ookami-tachi no yoru~

  Release date: November 02, 2011




01 LIVE FOR LIFE ~ookami-tachi no yoru~

02 Konomama, zutto
03 Gouin honey

04 LIVE FOR LIFE ~ookami-tachi no yoru~ (instrumental)

05 Konomama, zutto (instrumental)


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