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Hello and welcome to our j-pop / j-rock / j-urban lyrics website Snakie's Obsession. Hope you will find the romaji you've been looking for here. Please don't hesitate to message us if you find any mistakes or errors.On a side note we would like to announce that for the near future we will update almost every day as before but with only one release (single or album) due to planning for our lovely Snakie's wedding! YAY!


SnakeRoot & EvilSin


May 22, 2017


new lyrics:

KAMIJO - Castrato, -361-

Kobukuro - Kokoro


old lyrics:

Endo Yurika - Melody and Flower, knight-night.

Harada Sayaka - DOKI DOKI ga ippai!
Hondo Kaede - Juugo no tsuki

Kubo Yurika - Kashikomi kashikomi

Ueno Yuka - Tomodachi gokko, Kimi ja nai dareka to
Yoshimura Haruka - Chokonto fuwari


requested lyrics:

Yusuke - Ano.. deacchatteru'n desu kedo. (album)


I'm going to Crete for my Honeymoon tomorrow. Finally! The next update will be in June.

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